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Which platform is better (Windows or Linux) to host my website?
It depends really on your website programming languages. If your sites is running on php, you have the option to host it in Windows or Linux. Although Linux has higher compability with php. Windows 2008 also has improved their compability with php when Microsoft release FastCGI. You might need to check with your software vendor, if their application can run on IIS or Apache. Windows 2008 Web Server is IIS while Linux Web Server is Apache. If your sites is running on Java, then the choice is on Linux Hosting else if your sites running on ASP.NET or ASP, the only choice is Windows Hosting.
Is your Business web hosting plans reliable?
Do I get Free SQL Server Database?
What hosting plan should I purchase?
Do you support ASP.NET or Silverlight?
Do you support Java?
Do you support WordPress Blogging and WordPress Themes?
What version of SQL Server you have?
How many years are you guys in business?
Where are your servers hosted at?

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